Laboratory Help

To carry out an experiment first you have to login to the remote laboratory. You will log-in using a OLCMS site, which is a separate service also developed as part of Stem4youth project.

Having logged in you book the date/time of your experiment execution: you go to Lab > Reservation and then you choose the experiment you want to carry out. You have two options: or you book the experiment for a specific date/time in the future, or you can start the experiment now. Filling in the booking form you choose an experiment from the dropdown list and the execution duration time and then you hit the “Make a reservation” button. If your experiment was already booked by someone else in your preferred time slot you will get a message displayed on the pink background. If not – a confirmation on the green background.

To execute your experiment in the previously booked time slot you go to Lab > Experiments Tab and then click on your experiment. Hit “Connect” and then the “Start” button. Now you are the experiment Operator and you can select and change the measurement parameters.

If in the time you are going to Connect, the experiment is booked (and is being executed) by someone else you can still Connect as an Observer which allows you to read the values of the parameters measured by another person.